pre-planning: there’s a madness to our method

29 Dec

How the hell do you plan a world trip? Slowly, that’s how. We read blogs, books, spoke with people, asked questions, pulled our hair out, drank wine, went back to the drawing table… for three years.

I will get the big and simple things out of the way. First, the home we own will be taken over by Lucas’ parents. They are happy, retired people who not only love to ski (this place is perfect for them) but who must love us big time. Our cousins who are also our neighbours say they are trading up… ahem?

As for my career, I will have just completed an extended maternity leave as the Director of Operations for a large and absolutely amazing non-profit in Calgary. My last day is June 13 – and what a day it will be.

Lucas did make it to Driller so that is settled. He has never really made a goal with a timeline and didn’t meet it so I’m not surprised. Good looking and motivated? Yes m’am!

We have created many different routs. This was our very first list.


It changed…


and changed…


and then it started growing.


We are still completely in the process of this and we realized that we will be for the duration of our traveling. I mean, we will have some sort of skeleton of where we are going based on a couple of things: music festivals, my research in education (hello, Reggio Emilia!), Oktober fest and monsoon season in India.

For now we are happy with knowing that we start in Ponta Delgada in August.

The planning never really ends. But neither does the excitement and dream.


One Response to “pre-planning: there’s a madness to our method”

  1. RMC December 29, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    Wow flashback! Love your blogs Tana. Keeps me connected

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